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Weblogs: linguistically and textually

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As the still modern "weblogging" presents a form of communication on the internet, and other forms such as chat and e-mail differ from non-electronic forms of communication by means of well-described aspects (see chats), the project sprache@web has a close look at weblogs and brings an international project into being. The results are available in a 330-page study about nine nations.

One of the results is that it is difficult to make general statements about weblogs, apart from aspects caused by media (more). The linguistic usage, for example, depends on functional aspects or fundamentally on the question "who is defined as target group?" On the whole, "weblogging" shows clear differences to the non-presented chat communication in which spelling/writing norms are not that important, whereas "Nähekommunikation" plays a more important role. Therefore, the typical features of the computer-mediated synchronic communication are few and far between. The fact that "blogging" implies communication with time shifts seems to be the most important reason for this difference, as this brings about planning and the possibility of proof reading.

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Torsten Siever

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