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A weblog or in short blog, seen from the medial point of view, is particularly a text medium into which multicodale contents like films (special case: video blog/vlog[]), music (special case: podcasting[]), pictures/photos (special case: photoblog) or something similar can be implemented (more about these different cases).

Technically, weblogs are dynamic, but little complex websites, which automatically and more or less periodically contain new entries along a time axis. These new entries are in first place, whereas older ones follow in reversed chronological order; older entries are usually made available via a calendar- or month(ly) archive.

These weblogs which have been arranged monologically only once, usually offer the recipient the opportunity of commenting on one of the articles. Surely, these articles are also commented on from outside the blog, for example in another weblog article that cites, comments on, extends, corrects or, above all, refers to the original entry (per so-called "permalink").

Through these references a network of weblog texts, also called "blogosphere", which is increasing permanently, has been developed. The increase of this "blogosphere" has been automated in so far as those entries referring to another entry are being implemented automatically into the original entry (for ping[], trackback[] see lexicon).

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