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Types of weblogs

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The original blog certainly is the online-diary in which personal experiences and state reports are collected. This does not need to be necessarily accesible in public – like every website weblogs can be made available only for a certain group of people (by user-defined accounts[]).
Blogs can surely be used for various themes, e.g. as news deliverer, critic, virtual cookery book or software forum. Weblogs can be also be differentiated concerning their function:

During the last gulf war warblogs[] (war+blog) were run by so-called embedded reporters who reported live from the war centres – by this, they spread pictures and texts much faster than every newspaper. Another central aspect is the fact that via these warblogs a more personal reporting – a reporting, a renowned newspaper would never allow – is possible.

Furthermore, weblogs can also be used as photo albums – these blogs are defined as photoblogs. They are particularly used for the documentation of journeys; here the term "journey" can be defined widely.

In this context, mobile telephony is of increasing importance: via moblogs[] (mobile blogs) the weblog can directly be actualised from the place of action by sending photos and text via mobile phone (e.g. via MMS) to the server.

If films instead of photos are used, the blogs are called videoblogs, in short, vlogs[]. They are completely indefinite as far as the topics are concerned and they can contain a kind of personal film-diary, semi-professional cooking shows or documentations of all kinds.

Another mobile variation is podcast[]ing, the storing of music and spoken language (presentation), so that broadcasts 'on demand' can be realised. In this context, readings as well as reports are conceivable.

Textual & linguistical aspects

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