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At mediensprache.net various corpora of a different seize are at your disposal. They concern web language as well as advertising jargon and are available as database (DB) or PDF[]-file (PDF). The following corpora are available and/or can be searched through

advertising on the internet (717 ad materials; DB)

spots on TV (43; DB)

Micky Maus advertising 1955-2005 (JPEG; WWW)

Words of Science-Fiction (1380; PDF)

youth language (PDF)

sms (>1500; PDF)

info sms (98; DB)

MINI und smart advertising (Web/Print; PDF)

nicknames/pseudonyms on the web (>700; PDF)

domains conveying advertising (350; DB)


The corpus are copyrighted and their usage is for free – however, the respective sources must be quoted. To get tips concerning transcription see "Survey of transcription systems".


Preview: Test and comment our new pages provide searches and concordances on corpora.mediensprache.net.

Torsten Siever

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