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McLaughlin, Fiona (2014). »Senegalese digital repertoires in superdiversity: A case study from Seneweb«. In: Discourse, Context & Media, Nr. 4-5. S. 29-37.

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Abstract: This paper considers the digital repertoires of Senegalese and members of the Senegalese diaspora who participate on Seneweb, a New York-based web portal, by contributing comments to news stories that appear on the site. This paper joins the conversation on digital language and superdiversity by examining this interactive web forum that caters largely to the Senegalese diaspora. While there are intimations of superdiversity that break through in a number of ways within the forum, participants by and large limit themselves to the use of two predictable languages, French, Senegal׳s official language, and Wolof, its dominant language. In attempting to reconstruct home virtually through their participation in this community of practice, Seneweb writers circumscribe their more diverse repertoires to mirror the shared aspects of their individual repertoires and the linguistic environment that they have left behind. The data are taken from readers’ reactions to a story concerning internationally famous singer Youssou N’Dour׳s announcement of his candidacy for the presidency of Senegal in the highly contested 2012 elections. The comments, which are written primarily in French and urban Wolof, reveal opposing language ideologies that reflect deep-seated beliefs about the nature of the francophone state. These are played out through critiques and praise of N’Dour, and specifically what is perceived as his inadequate knowledge of French, the official language.

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